Captain USNR (Ret.)

Ensign J. Henry Doscher, Jr.
The author, then a twenty-two year old
Ensign, while Commanding Officer, USS SC-761. Photo taken early October, 1943, while under way off Guadalcanal.


Now retired from careers as a law professor, attorney and navy captain, I have begun to devote more time to recording bits of history; actual historical matters, not fiction. Early on I developed an abiding interest in how events shaped us, our institutions, our country and our civilization. Inspired initially by two renown historians, the late Professors Lawrence Packard and Dwight Salmon, during my undergraduate days on the campus of Amherst College in far off New England, my love of history was staunchly reinforced later under the guidance of distinguished Professor Rupert Richardson while I was a graduate history student at Hardin-Simmons University on the prairies of West Texas.

The rigorous demands of Law School at The University of Texas at Austin, followed by a year as briefing attorney (law clerk) for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas, strengthened my skills and abilities to accomplish critical research.

Twenty-eight years of active and reserve duty in the U. S. Navy, from my Midshipman days on the campuses of Notre Dame and Northwestern Universities to my promotion to Captain, gave me an enduring love for the Navy. My naval career included service afloat from subchasers, destroyer escorts, cruisers, and aircraft carriers, to that as a special instructor on the battleship USS Wisconsin during a Midshipman Cruise "Baker" to Europe. I had stints on various naval staffs, afloat and ashore, including duty on a NATO Staff, Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic. I was fortunate to attend the Senior Reserve Officers' Course at the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island.

As a result of all of this naval experience, my two manuscripts which have been accepted, and published, on a royalty basis, involve bits of naval history not previously covered, or aspects thereof not heretofore dealt with as to certain details. I have written same in language and format easily readable and understandable by persons who have never served in the navy or the military.

J. Henry Doscher, Jr.
Captain USNR (Ret.)

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