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This WEBSITE has been created to enable more people, worldwide, to become acquainted with the availability of these two recent books involving bits of World War II in the Pacific:- Little Wolf at Leyte, narrating one of the great acts of sheer guts in all of naval history, and Subchaser in the South Pacific, the saga of a very small ship in a very big war.

Each book is discussed herein, together with clips from selected reviews, comments from some readers, and the display of a few photographs and maps. Both books have generated interest from across the country, and have been acquired by university and public libraries from Harvard and the United States Naval Academy on the East Coast to the Los Angeles Public Library on the West Coast.

Hopefully, whether military veteran or inquiring citizen, and wherever you may be in the world, you will find pleasure and enlightenment from my work as an author. The royalties from both books benefit the Museums of Abilene in the new Grace Cultural Center, Abilene, Texas.

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